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Parole Revocation

Parole revocations are a very specialized area of the law. Not many attorneys in the State even do parole revocations on a regular basis. Scott Pawgan is one of those few Attorneys that specialize in parole revocation proceedings.

When facing a parole revocation proceeding, your very freedom is at stake. One can be returned to prison if his parole is revoked.

Parole revocations occur very quickly. Most attorneys do not understand the speed with which these proceedings progress, and are thus not prepared or equipped to do the
quick, intensive and thorough investigation required in such expedited proceedings. Scott Pawgan has defended 100s of parolees in revocation proceedings and understands the time consideration and can work well within those proceedings.

Parole Revocation proceedings are divided into two stages. First, did the parolee actually violate his parole? While proper experience and preparation have allowed Scott Pawgan to have a no finding (finding they did not violate parole), some people it is inevitable they will have been found to have violated their parole. That would trigger the second phase, adjustment.

In the adjustment phase of a parole revocation proceeding, evidence is taken to show how the individual is doing on parole and what the appropriate sanction, if any, should be placed on the violating parolee. Sometimes the only thing standing between a parolee returning to prison or returning home is a well prepared and presented adjustment case. Scott Pawgan has prepared and presented many such persuasive adjustment cases that allowed a parolee to return to their family as opposed to returned to prison.

If you or a loved one is facing a parole revocation, please do consider hiring Scott Pawgan to represent you. Scott Pawgan has the experience and the track record that makes him worthy of representing you in such a critical proceeding