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Post Conviction

When one is looking for a post conviction attorney, that person or the person’s loved one has already had their freedom taken away from them. In this situation it is more important than ever that you find the right representation in order to get the jailhouse door to swing open.

There are two types of post conviction  cases, Appeals and Writs. Appeals are the first stage in the post conviction process, and are based upon the trial record. In only limited circumstances is additional investigation and developed evidence be allowed to be considered in an appeal. Scott Pawgan has the knowledge and experience to spot and persuasively present the legal arguments that represent the most likely way to win your appeal.

After the direct appeal process is finished, one can file a Writ. This does allow investigation and further evidence to be developed and presented to the Court. Scott Pawgan has the knowledge and experience to conduct a proper and extensive investigation and develop new evidence to present to the court. Scott Pawgan has the proven knowledge and expertise to successfully litigate you or your loved one’s writ and gain relief.

With both, Appeals and Writs, experience and a thorough understanding of the law and the process is crucial to winning. Scott Pawgan has the required knowledge and experience to be successful on your post conviction case.  Scott  Pawgan has successfully represented many clients in both Appeals and Writs, and will bring the same skill and expertise to securing a successful outcome in you or your loved ones Appeal or Writ.